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Doctor Moose & His Amazing Friends

By Richard Drovdal                  

Illustrations by Béatrice Leclercq

Doctor Moose solves problems in a loving and caring manner while he heals people, plants & animals with the help of his Amazing Friends. All the books are narrated by the author and his wife Carla, with original guitar music, songs and wonderful illustrations of the moose family, full of encouragement and creativity.

  Our Sun 

Our Sun Scene Five 1100x1464modA.png


Aphrodisia 1C.png

  Mother Earth

M.E. 10 wAmod.png

 The Moon 

Moon 9. 2048x1536b&c.png
Creativa 7. 2048x1536b&c.png


Our Universe 6. 2048x1536b&c.png

  Our Universe

All Books are $6.99 each 

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